Rajen Gangoosing

Mr Rajen Gangoosingh was the Secretary of the ESU for several years when he was appointed as Vice-President of the ESU in June 2013.

Following his secondary studies at Royal College, Curepipe, Mr Gangoosingh completed a B.A English (Honours), B.ED, from St Xavier’s College, Calcutta, India. Mr Gangoosingh is also the holder of a certificate in Educational Management. Additionally, he attended a number of workshops in the field of Education, both in Mauritius and overseas.

Mr Gangoosingh had a very long career in the Education field, having served the Private Secondary School Authority (PSSA), at Inspectorate level, for over thirty years. He retired from the PSSA in January 2008.

Since retirement, Mr Gangoosingh has been fully involved in Social activities within several Non-Governmental Organizations.

He is currently the Vice-President of ESU-Mauritius, and the Secretary & Coordinator of the Australian Desk of SACIM (Society for Aid to children inoperable in Mauritius).

Mr Gangoosingh is also an Executive Member of O.D.I. (Organization of Diaspora Initiative), Giants International, the Mauritian Writers’ Association, Old Royals Association, and last but certainly not least he is a member of the Board of The President’s Fund for Creative Writing which falls under the ageis of the Ministry of Arts &Culture.

In 2009, Mr Gangoosingh represented ESU-Mauritius at the International Relations Conference, held at Mansfield College, Oxford, where he joined some 34 delegates from other branches of ESUs across the world for a sharing of views on various global issues and international relations.