English National Spelling Bee 2014

Sponsored by the US Embassy, The Mauritius Commercial Bank, The Rotary Club Vacoas, Reinsurance Solutions and Currimjee Foundation, the Finals of the 13th edition of the National Spelling Bee Competition organized by the English-Speaking Union were held on Thursday 29th May 2014 at the Mauritius Gymkhana Club, Vacoas.

English Speaking Union National Spelling Bee 2014

The Spelling Bee competition, which gathered the best spellers across the island, is a competition where participants are asked to spell English words.   The concept originated in the United States and today Spelling Bee competitions are held in many English speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia and India.

ESU National Spelling Bee 2014

The Spelling Bee, intended for students of Form I, II, III and IV, is one of the important activities of many Secondary schools in Mauritius and in Rodrigues.  The number of participants to our competition, this year, rose to 542 students from 137 schools.   However, a much larger number of students are touched by this activity yearly as ESU encourages all schools to run their own in-house competition before they proceed with the final selection of candidates who take part in the ESU competition.   The growing participation to the Spelling Bee Competition is a sign that all actors within the educational field recognise the educational value underpinning this educational programme.

Finals National Spelling Bee 2014

Through this activity, Spellers experience the satisfaction of learning new words, improving their spelling and increasing their vocabulary in the English language.  Those who have reached the Finals were able to spell many difficult words at the seven heats held across the various educational zones in Mauritius, earning them a place in the Finals!

National Spelling Bee 2014

The Pronouncers for this year’s competiton were Her Excellency Shari Villarossa, Ambassador of the United States of America and Sir Victor Glover, Kt GOSK.  Judges were Mr A. Prem Burton, CSK, President of the ESU, H.E. Mrs Marie-France Roussety, Vice-President of the ESU and Mrs Anne-Marie Ahkine, Executive Manager of the ESU.   Prior to the competition, Mr Prem Burton, US Ambassador Shari Villarossa and Hon. Mookhesswur Choonee, GOSK, Minister of Arts and Culture, addressed the students on the importance attached to spelling.  Mr Prem Burton stated: “Trying to spell properly should be an ongoing process to enable students to write proper English, not to mention adequate grammar and an enriched vocabulary”.

Winners National Spelling Bee 2014

All finalists received prizes from the US Embassy and the Mauritius Commercial Bank and a certificate of participation from the ESU.

The four winners (Form I, II, III and IV) listed below received special prizes from US Ambassador Shari Villarossa, and generous cash prizes and corporate gifts from Mr Jean Bernard Theodorine on behalf of the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd.  ESU offered medals and certificates to the winners.

The four winners (Form I, II, III & IV) of the 2014 National Spelling Bee Competition are:

  Name of Winner School
Form 1 Veshnavi GHOORAH Queen Elizabeth College
Form II Michelle WONG CHAP LAN Northfields International High School
Form III Shachee Dhani MUNBODOWAH Pamplemousses SSS
Form IV Avinash JAGAI Terre Rouge SSS

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