Scrabble Tournament

The ESU once more innovated in 2014 by organising a scrabble tournament meant for adults at the Gymkhana Club, Vacoas. On the 5th of December 2014, sixteen participants took part in the preliminaries, following which eight participants qualified for the semi-finals. On Friday 12th December 2014, the four finalists, Mrs Devi Bundhoo, Ms Anoushka Ramsaran, Mr Sarvadian Dabee and Mr Trahny Rengenchetty competed in the Final round.

The idea of launching the scrabble game came from ESU President, Mr Prem Burton, who had had a few scrabble games while he was on holiday in the UK.

Some time later, he came across an article in a daily entitled “Brain training helps older adults stay sharp for years” with a picture of a scrabble board and tiles, as an illustration. This article focussed on brain exercises involving speed, memory and reasoning, all of which are provided by a scrabble game.

Besides, it is an excellent and fun way to help us enrich our vocabulary, exercise the mind and keep away dementia and the Alzheimer’s disease.

The scrabble tournament was therefore launched on a pilot basis, with the support and encouragement of Dr Vinod Nundloll, President of the Rotary Club Vacoas, and it proved to be a success and an enriching experience.

2014’s tournament was sponsored by GlobalSports Ltd of the Gujadhur family, to whom ESU conveys its warmest thanks.

Second Edition of Scrabble Tournament

Jointly organized by the Pont Fer Scrabble Club and was truly fascinating. The 2nd edition of the Scrabble tournament in 2015, attracted a large number of participants – some 21 teams (i.e. 42 players), both amateur and professional.

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Rules of the Competition

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Past Winners

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Following an exciting game, Mrs Devi Bundhoo scored the highest marks and was declared the Winner of the first edition of the scrabble tournament. Ms Anoushka Ramsaran came second followed by Mr Dabee and Mr Rengenchetty.

All finalists received prizes (cash vouchers from a bookstore) from the ESU.