Sponsored by the HSBC Bank (Mauritius), the British Council and Rotary Club Vacoas.

Venue : Mauritius Gymkhana Club

Date : Tuesday 29th March 2016 @ 10:00 a.m.

 Winner PSC

Winner : Muhammad Nabil Khodabaccus of Royal College Curepipe

Runner-Up : Medha Shreena Maistry of Sodnac State Secondary School



The English Speaking Union (ESU) – a dynamic global education charity, with its headquarters sited at Dartmouth House, London – brings together and empowers people worldwide.  It aims at helping them build skills and confidence in communication, and gives them the opportunity to realise their full potential.

In Mauritius, the ESU was established in 1993.  Mr Prem Burton, CSK, currently presides over the ESU in Mauritius, with Mrs Marie-France Roussety, Mr Rajen Gangoosingh and Prof Serge Rivière, as Vice-Presidents.  Sir Victor Glover, Kt, GOSK, is the Patron of the ESU.

The Public Speaking Competition was launched in 1994 with three objectives:

  • To provide students with an opportunity to develop the vital skills that enable them to speak with confidence in public.
  • To provide a focus for the learning of effective communication skills in English among young people
  • To give students the opportunity to meet, exchange and form friendship and understanding that will last a lifetime.

This educational programme acts as a platform for students to engage in an exchange of ideas and opinions, on a national and international scale.  Not only does the competition enhance the participants’ public speaking and critical thinking skills, it also places them in situations requiring them to make spontaneous responses.

The National winner will have the opportunity to showcase his / her public speaking skills in an international competitive arena in May 2016.  The International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC), now in its 36th year, is the largest public speaking tournament in the world.  Administered by the Education department of ESU in London, the IPSC involves over 40,000 students in over 50 countries, and represents one of the clearest manifestation of the goals of the ESU.

ESU-Mauritius won the International Public Speaking Competition in 2009.  Last year’s National Winner, Yannish Dyall of College du St Esprit, was one of the six International Finalists in the International Public Speaking Competition held in May 2015.

A total of 120 participants from 90 schools took part in ESU competition this year.  Many schools run an in-house competition to select their best speaker who takes part in our competition; this means that a very large number of students are involved in this educational programme.

For the 6 qualifying heats, the ESU purposely allowed participants to deliver their speeches on a topic of their choice.  They chose a number of important issues that matter to them.  However, at the semi-finals, the 22 participants were asked to prepare an impromptu speech on a choice of 3 topics given to them 15 minutes in advance.

The winner for Rodrigues’ competition joined the 8 Mauritian Finalists to compete for the winning prize.

The Nine Finalists captivated the audience and the adjudicating panel’s attention with speeches related to the National theme “Integrity has no neds of rules”  chosen by ESU in London for all participating countries.  The adjudicating panel comprised  (i) H.E. Mr Jonathan Drew, British High Commissioner, (ii) Mr Alastair Bryce, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC and  Mr Abhai Neermaull, Project Manager, British Council.

Audibility, presence on the platform, spontaneity, rapport with the audience, a coherently presented argument and demonstration of the ability to think on one’s feet were all key elements in the competition.

The National Winner will represent Mauritius in the International Public Speaking Competition to be held in London from 9th to 13th May 2016.  Those who have made it to the final stage in London come back thrilled with happy memories of their stay and long-lasting friendships.  This experience would change their life and give them a new perspective for the future.

As part of the five-day programme in London, participants will receive training in public speaking and debating skills from world class ESU mentors.  Training in expression, delivery, listening and response skills are designed to improve the participants’ delivery of their prepared speeches and their ability to listen and respond to questions.  Training in organization and prioritization of arguments, reasoning and analysis, as well as critical thinking skills are designed to improve the participants’ ability to write and deliver an impromptu speech.

Participants will also receive training in drama, theatre and performance at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  The aim is to enhance the participants’ expressive and persuasive abilities as well as their improvisation skills and confidence generally.  In addition, the programme includes visits to the Houses of Parliament, BBC TV studios, Hampton Court Palace, a trip to the theatre and more…

The culmination of this worldwide event is the Grand Finals which will be held at the home of Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge on Friday 13th May 2016.

The Finalists for 2016



1 College du St Esprit Rujeedawa Mohammad Tanzil Integrity without rules? A risky formula.


Dr Maurice Curé State College

Gya Parikshita Integrity: Define & rule
3 Le Bocage International School Essoo Vikram Abheesh Pass the popcorn: 1984 meets Hunger games
4 Lycee des Mascareignes Chung Shui Emily The quality behind the human being.
5 Mahatma Gandhi Institute Secondary School – Moka Ramburn Rudika Devi Dream and Reality
6 Northfields International High School Beechouk Liam Alfie Is chivalry dead?


7 Rodrigues College Umrit Anasthasia Marie Gertrude Does the end justify the means?
8 Royal College Curepipe Khodabaccus Muhammad Nabil


Stay true to thyself!
9 Sodnac State Secondary School Maistry Medha-Shreena Integrity – How to play the game?




For additional information, please contact:

Anne-Marie Ahkine, Executive Manager, The English-Speaking Union

6th Floor, Ken Lee Building, Edith Cavell Street, Port Louis

Email : – Tel: 208 8591 – Fax: 213 6543